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Research project: Social Intelligence towards Human-AI Teambuilding 

Morgan Bailey, Prof Frank Pollick & Qumodo: 

BackgroundQumodo is one of Social AI CDT’s original industry partners having recognised the potential of collaboration with a PhD research programme aligned to its own strategic goals.  Qumodo researches, designs and develops AI technology, which is easy to use, meets people’s needs and most of all, is trusted.

As industry moves further towards AI automation the substantial impact on future practices within the workplace will need to be understood. Even as AI performance increases, in most scenarios a human will likely remain in the loop. More needs to be known about how to optimise the integration of human and AI abilitiesThis research project examines Human-AI team interaction and is of relevance to a myriad of different sectors moving towards automation.  

Benjamin Gancz (Qumodo CEO)

“The Social AI CDT’s field of research & training is highly relevant to our business of developing interfaces between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) that enhance productivity by optimising performance of the human-AI team & we are delighted to build on our collaboration with Prof Pollick. We firmly believe that this research will enable us to increase the breadth of our research portfolio. Additionally, Qumodo anticipates that the CDT will have relevance for us as we grow and look to recruit more staff, specifically providing access to technically trained individuals who are educated about interfaces and the psychology of user needs within a multi-disciplinary cohort structure like the CDT.”

Prof Frank Pollick (School of Psychology & Neuroscience, University of Glasgow)

Our collaboration with Qumodo is an excellent example of the power of companies and academia working together. The use of machine learning has so many benefits for our society, but it has to be applied in carefully considered and ethical ways that take account of the needs of individuals and society. For this to happen we must involve disciplines beyond computer science and promote wider debates within the social sciences. 

Morgan Bailey is in her 3rd year with the Social AI CDT and is jointly supervised by Prof Pollick and Rob Euman, Head of Product Design from Qumodo 

I was attracted to an industry-sponsored PhD project as I have a passion for conducting research with real-world applications which aim to ultimately improve quality of life. My project with Qumodo is based on how we can use social AI to build effective, human-AI teams.  

In my opinion, the most appealing aspect of the Social AI CDT is the unique opportunity to work with academics and industry mentors who have such a diverse set of skills and interests; it is inspiring to be working as part of a multi-disciplinary team who can all help train and support each other.”

Learn more about Morgan’s research ‘Social Intelligence towards Human-AI Teambuilding

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